Report a suspicious email message, phishing attempt or account compromise

Service Overview

Information Technology Services provides assistance to staff and faculty who have received suspicious messages or phishing attempts. If you believe your account has been compromised contact the ITS Department immediately. Your College account may contain or have access to sensitive College data.


Additional Information

Never send credit card information, account passwords, or extensive personal information using email.  Niagara College will never solicit such information from our students and employees by email.

For more information on Email Phishing:

For more information on Avoiding SPAM:


Service Request Options

Phishing attempts rarely affects just one person. Often, the same malicious message will find its way into everyone’s mailbox. Your assistance informing the ITS Department about the suspicious message helps us stop it quickly and is appreciated. If you've clicked on any suspicious message links or have provided your College network username and password, please call the ITS Service Desk immediately. 

Below are several options to let Information Technology Services (ITS) know about suspicious messages, phishing attempts or account compromise:

  1. Forward the message to as an attachment.   
    This provides ITS with important sender information necessary to block the malicious messages. To do this, select the suspicious message, choose More > Forward as Attachment from the Message menu and email it to .
  2. Visit us at the Welland Campus Library or in the NOTL Campus Library for 'live' technical assistance.
  3. Call the IT Service Desk at 905-735-2211 x7642. 
  4. Select the Create Ticket button to submit a ticket for assistance.

If you require assistance filling out the service request form or have general questions related to it, please call the IT Service Desk at 905-735-2211 x7642.