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Niagara College implemented Team Dynamix in the fall of 2018 to provide a self service client portal to allow students, staff and faculty to create and submit service requests and report issues by creating tickets through the Services section of the portal.  Once created, clients are then able to track progress of their tickets and  provide feedback to resources working on the ticket directly via the ticket feed or responding to the email sent from the system.

IT Service Desk Portal Overview

This is a brief overview of the Niagara College IT Service Desk client portal.


This section contains the ITS service catalogue.  The catalogue lists all services ITS has to offer, an explanation of the service and the ability to create a ticket for that service. All services are grouped into categories and some are further defined into sub-categories, this is done to ensure that when a ticket is created it is routed to the correct team to help provide the support required in a timely manner.

Project and Portfolio Management

This section contains specific information related to the IT Project Portfolio Office (PPO), services offered, the IT Governance Framework and Project and Portoflio Management processes and templates used within ITS..


All IT projects are managed through Team Dynamix. This section will display all projects where you have been added to a project as either a stakeholder, team member or resource.  For more information on projects/workspaces click on the more button.  

Knowledge base

The primary knowledge base for all ITS is still the ITS website, The knowledge base section within the IT Service Desk is populated with additional materials as they arise.


The search bar that appears at the top right corner of the screen enables you to enter a key word to search across the IT Service Desk portal. This can be usedful to take you to a specific service if you are unsure where to go or to search the knowledge base.



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