IT Project Request

What is considered a “project” under IT Governance?

With the implementation of the IT Governance policy any IT products and services that meet any one of the criteria below will need to go through a process of selection, prioritization and approval through the IT Governance Decision Framework.

Any work that has an IT Component or requires the use of IT resources based on the following criteria:

  • Cost: Greater than $10,000 (CDN)
  • Time: Greater than 10 days (80 hours) of ITS effort
  • Degree of Impact: Greater than 70% of students or employees 
  • Scope/Complexity: Three or more College departments involved

IT Component refers to all information technology products and services.  This encompasses all hardware, software and applications running on or accessing the college infrastructure, and the human resources that support them. This definition includes but is not limited to:

  • Common IT connectivity infrastructure across the College (e.g. voice and data networks, wired and wireless connectivity, access to the internet, cloud);
  • Computing (e.g. servers and storage, end user devices including personal computers, laptops, tablets, phones);
  • End user and enterprise wide applications, on site and cloud (e.g. Blackboard, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, Halogen, Campus Labs, Clockworks, productivity applications – email, Microsoft O365, other Customer Relationship Management (CRM));
  • Instructional technology (e.g. classroom multi-media systems and services, academic software (Dentrix, Micros, etc.), distance learning technologies);
  • Video (e.g. video applications on the network, streaming, security video, digital signage, wayfinding, editing software, etc.);
  • Peripheral technologies (e.g. print devices, TVs, scanners, monitors, cameras etc.); and
  • Security infrastructure – both physical and cyber/network based.

Projects with an IT component that do not meet any of the criteria above should be submitted via the ITS Help Desk system as a request for service or support.

How do I initiate a project?

All potential IT projects need to have a project request created and submitted through Team Dynamix.  The objective of the request is to provide ITS with the information necessary to determine the initial size and complexity of the project, classify the project and route the the next steps. 

What happens next?

Submission of the project request in Team Dynamix triggers automated creation of a project ticket in TeamDynamix,  at this point the request will follow the process defined as part of IT Governance, the Intake and Selection process is visually represented here.

How do I complete a project request in Team Dynamix

1. Select the "IT Project Request"
2. Complete the project information, mark complete and submit

Helpful Information

  • All projects must be approved by the Dean or Director of your department, so please ensure you have their approval before submitting an IT project request.
  • You may save this project request via the "Save" button and revisit it for edits and changes prior to submission.
  • You must mark the request complete via the “Mark Complete” button in the General page before you can "Review and Submit" the project request.
  • The link to Review and Submit is found on the left hand menu.
  • The project is submitted by the “Submit” button on the Review and Submit page

How do I view my existing project requests?

To access your existing project information, please Sign In using the link in the top right hand corner of your screen.  Once signed in, you will find your project requests, including  status under the Services tab/Project Requests

How do I view my existing projects?

To access your existing project information, please Sign In using the link in the top right hand corner of your screen.  Once signed in, you will find all your project information including project status and project news feeds under the Projects/Workspaces tab.














IT Project Request


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