Business Analysis & Process Improvement

Business process analysis and improvement helps an organization understand how it conducts its functions and activities and improve them in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of scarce resources, and better support customers. process discovery focuses on rethinking end-to-end activities that create value for customers, while removing unnecessary, non-value-added work.

Why Perform Business Process Improvement?

An organization is only as good as its processes and they naturally degrade over time for any number of reasons.   To be able to make the necessary changes in an organization, one needs to understand the key processes of the company.

Process Improvement helps an organization

  • View process value through the eyes of the customer;
  • Define, manage, and measure a process in order to regularly evaluate it using data-driven information;
  • Break down process silos by contributing to an understanding of how processes interact and impact one another and customers;
  • Reduce unnecessary business costs.

Analysis generates the information necessary for the organization to make informed decisions assessing the activities of the business

  • Due to business change the processes of an organization can quickly become inconsistent to their original design and no longer meet the needs of the business
  • Process analysis is an essential tool to show how well the business is meeting its objectives
  • Creates an understanding of how work (the transformation of inputs to outputs) happens in the organization
  • Information becomes a valuable resource to management and leadership to understand how the business is functioning

Key deliverables from these projects are typically mapping of existing or future state business processes, identification of business process improvement opportunities and recommendations. These projects may result in the creation of a new  project to implement recommendations.

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