ITS Ticketing System Information

Information Technology Services uses the Team Dynamix Ticketing System to record requests for service from Niagara College employees and students.

The ITS Ticketing System can be accessed at the following link:

Or by logging into the Niagara College Portal, selecting My Apps and then clicking on the Service Desk Requests icon.

You will be brought to a Service Catalog with a variety of IT categories to choose from.

What is a Service Catalog?

A Service Catalog is an organized collection of Information Technology related services that the ITS Department provides.  Our ITS Service Catalog acts as both a Knowledge Base and a Ticketing System that employees and students can use to find information and submit requests for service.


How do I submit a ticket?

Step 1: Select the Category that best matches your request for service. 

If we were experiencing software issues, we would select the Software Support category.

Step 2: Select the Service that best matches your request for service.

In this example we will select Request Software Support.

Step 3: Select the Create Ticket button to submit a ticket requesting IT Service.

Note: That there is often additional information and links to knowledge base articles or information on the ITS Website to help you resolve your issue or question.  To submit a ticket you will be required to log in with your Niagara College credentials.


Where can I see tickets that I’ve submitted?

Creating a ticket requires you to sign in the Service Catalog with your Niagara College credentials.  If you have not already done so you can sign in by going to: and selecting Sign In at the top right.

Once signed in, select Ticket Requests from the menu bar you will see your open tickets listed below.  Change the Status Class drop down to see closed tickets too.


Manager Approvals

If you are in management or a designated ticket approver, you may be required to approve ticket requests.  These are tickets typically submitted by your staff for employee access.  As part of the automated ticket workflow, an Approval Request Email will be sent to your work email requesting you approve or reject the ticket.  The ticket will be sent to your from the email address.

To approve the ticket, open the email.  You will be presented with two options. 

  1. Open the ticket to review who submitted the ticket (Creator), who the access is for (Requestor) and what access has been requested.
  2. Select the Approve or Reject option to authorize or reject the ticket.

Sample Approval Email:

Another way you can see all tickets waiting for your approval is by logging into the Service Catalog, select Services and then select My Approvals.  Tickets waiting for your approval will be listed. Select the Manager Approval Step to approve the ticket or select one of the tickets under the Item column for the ticket request details.

If you have any questions on how to submit a ticket, view previously submitted tickets or to approve a ticket, please don’t hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk at 905-735-2211 x7642 or




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