Service Catalog

Categories (13)

How to Manage Your Tickets and use the Service Catalog

Information on how to submit tickets, view previously submitted tickets, approve tickets and more.

Immediate Classroom Support

Immediate / onsite technical support for computer and audio visual issues.

Password Services

Reset your password, unlock your account, etc.

Accounts & Access

Employee and Guest Access, Peoplesoft Access, Network Folder Access, Name Changes, Door Card Access, MFA, etc.

Audio Visual, Computers, Printing and other Technology

Support for audio visual equipment, computers, printers, photocopiers, digital signage, wayfinders, etc.

Business Applications

Enterprise software support and development requests. Webpage, database and application development.


Help for students, employees and tenants

Events and Resources

Request ITS resources for a Niagara College Event.

Project Request Services

Submit an IT Project Request to the Project Portfolio Office (PPO). The PPO coordinates, oversees and provides stewardship of IT related portfolio management, project management and governance processes.

Security and Anti-Virus

Services related to computer and network security, anti-virus, security cameras, etc.

Software Support

Support for student and employee software, promotional offers, software installation service, Niagara College websites, etc.

Wired and WiFi Network Services

Help for students, employees and tenants