Services A-Z (37)

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Anti-Virus and Spam Solutions

Report a potential virus on your Niagara College computer.
Recommendations and solutions to protect yourself against spam, viruses, spyware and malware.

Audio Visual Services

Report an issue with audio visual equipment in the classroom or meeting rooms.


Building Security

Report Security Camera or Door Swipe Issues. Request new/modified Security Camera or Door Swipe options.

Business Analysis & Process Improvement

Use this service to request Business Analysis or Process Improvement initiatives to the Project Portfolio Office (PPO).


Computer Hardware Services

Request assistance or report a computer technology issue in a classroom, office or auditorium to Information Technology Services.
Request computer hardware be moved to another location.

Connecting and using my Account Off Campus

Password & Account assistance, MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) access, Connecting to Blackboard Portal, O365, Outlook, Remote Desktop Client, VPN drive connections, etc.

Connecting and using my Account On Campus

Password & Account assistance, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access, Connecting to Blackboard Portal, O365, Outlook, Remote Desktop Client, Logging in to a PC, Mac, thin client or mobile device, Guest network access, Changing my preferred account name, etc.


Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Report an issue with the Niagara College Digital Signage and Wayfinding System.
Request information about Digital Signage for your department.

DNS Change Request

Request a Domain Name Service (DNS) change, addition or removal.

Door Access

Request swipe card door access to labs, buildings, offices, etc.


Employee Additional Access Request

Request additional or special access to IT resources such as PeopleSoft modules, Network files and folders, Phone and Voicemail options, specific Software, etc.

Employee and Tenant Email

Assistance with Outlook ( on your work computer and mobile device, O365 Portal ( or, Sophos Email Filter (, etc...


Free and Discounted Software

Select for more information about software available to staff and students via a promotional offer or for free.


General Business Application Inquiry

General inquiries regarding Niagara College enterprise business applications

Guest Access Request

Request new, or modify existing, short and long term guest accounts for vendors, contractors, instructors or security.


ID Card Services

Report an issue related to Employee or Student ID Cards to Information Technology Services. This includes Guard Card printers, Epi Suite, etc.

Immediate Classroom Assistance

Select this option if you require immediate technical assistance for a Computer or Audio Visual issue.

IT Project Request

Use this service to enter and submit an IT project request to the Project Portfolio Office. This is the gateway to request, track and process all IT related projects.

ITS Library Support

ITS Ticketing System Information

Information on how to submit tickets, view previously submitted tickets, approve tickets and more.


Laptop Program

Service options and information related to the Engineering Technology Laptop Program.


Mobile and Cellular Services

Report an issue, request a mobile phone (Blackberry, Samsung or iPhone), repair or other cellular services.


Name Change Request

Select this service to submit a Name Change Request Form.

Network File Shares

Help with using network file shares. Give access to, make, modify, remove or restore network file share files and folders.
Report service outage for network file shares.

New or Upgraded Computer Technology

Request new computer technology, upgrade your current technology, find out your renewal date, etc.


Office Phones, Fax and Audio Conferencing


Paging and Announcements

PeopleSoft Access

Request additional or specialized access to PeopleSoft Campus, PeopleSoft Finance, NC Contract or Full-Time Absentee Reporting.

Printing Services

Report a printing issue or photocopier / printer hardware issue.
Request assistance with employee and student printing, photocopier supplies, Papercut, Add Value Stations, the Ricoh Print Centre, etc.


Report a suspicious email message, phishing attempt or account compromise

If you've received a suspicious email, phishing attempt or believe your email account might be compromised, please select this service to let us know.

Request Software Support

Report an Issue or Request Assistance with Niagara College supported software such as Blackboard, MyNC (Nicole), PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office, O365 apps, Niagara College websites, RightFax, Skype for Business, Adobe, etc.


Salesforce Product Enhancement / User Access Request

Add/modify a user, or request a change/enhancement to Salesforce

Student Email

Assistance with your Niagara College email on campus computers or O365 Portal for email ( or

System Development Request

Select to submit System Development or Enhancement Requests to Enterprise System Services.


VPN Access Request

Request VPN access to specific NC resources. Available to Guests, Full-time and Part-time staff.

Vulnerability Scan

Submit a vulnerability scan of the network or server infrastructure.


Wired and WiFi Network Services

Report a Wired or WiFi Network issue. Request assistance connecting to the Niagara College WiFi or wired network.
Request new or Relocate existing network connections
AirNC-Secure ~ AirNC-Guest ~ Eduroam