Audio Visual, Computer, Printing Repair, New Technology, etc.

AV, classroom and office hardware support or repair services. New Technology information and ordering. Printer and photocopier support services.

Services (8)

Audio Visual Services

Report an issue with audio visual equipment in the classroom or meeting rooms.

Building Security

Report Security Camera or Door Swipe Issues. Request new/modified Security Camera or Door Swipe options.

Computer Hardware Services

Request assistance or report a computer technology issue in a classroom, office or auditorium to Information Technology Services.
Request computer hardware be moved to another location.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Report an issue with the Niagara College Digital Signage and Wayfinding System.
Request information about Digital Signage for your department.

ID Card Services

Report an issue related to Employee or Student ID Cards to Information Technology Services. This includes Guard Card printers, Epi Suite, etc.

Laptop Program

Service options and information related to the Engineering Technology Laptop Program.

New or Upgraded Computer Technology

Request new computer technology, upgrade your current technology, find out your renewal date, etc.

Printing Services

Report a printing issue or photocopier / printer hardware issue.
Request assistance with employee and student printing, photocopier supplies, Papercut, Add Value Stations, the Ricoh Print Centre, etc.